2007 or 1969 BOSS Mustang !!

Well it’s a 0 seven but it has a 69 Boss body on it , there was ten of them made and i was fortunate enough to get one of them. Now is that of of a 69 boos or there’s a fabricated..it was molded they were all molded off of the 69 parts and lengthen and stretch where it needed to be these are actually I think it was 3 and 7/8 inches wider than the original Mustang..But it does have the original bumpers they;ve been split and rechromed and a marker light I mean they’ve done a really good job on it..

A 1969 Boss 302 Mustang body stretched over a 2007 Mustang GT I shot at the Pigeon Forge Rod Run…I have seen builds like this before but this one is different…It has steel chrome bumpers. A shaker Hood Chrome Door handles!!!! You have to check this one out , Very cool for sure!!!.

Watch the video for more




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