EYE-OPENING TIPS: We Are Not Aware That We Are DONATING MONEY To The Gas Companies!

The tips that follow bellow are carefully picked from many forum discussions and experts opinions, so it’s up to you to decide if you are going to accept it or not. But we think that these facts speak for themselves and you will see the truth.

Have you ever had the feeling when you are refueling your car or truck that you are cheated, or like something is wrong? Yeah, you have the feeling that you are not receiving the right amount of fuel for your money and the fuel lamp is notifying you often? So did we! That’s why we investigated this topic and we found interesting facts!

Honestly, it’s not like we are donating 20% of our fuel, but it is useful to know these tips. Also we contacted a gas technician who works on gas pump and he confirmed our doubts. Here is what it is about: Did you know that the petrol-kiosk pump has a return pipe mechanism? Yeah, inside the fuel tank that is under the ground. So when you are fueling your tank to the brim, the return mechanism is triggered off and the return valve is activated; this way the excess is returned back to the underground tank. And there isn’t a reverse meter on the kiosk pump and that means you are going to pay anyway for your donation!

Тhe temperature has a huge impact on the fuel, whether it is diesel, petrol or ethanol! That’s because on higher temperatures the petrol expands and that means your liter is not exactly a liter! So, choose the mornings for the refueling, because only 1 degree higher temperature is a big deal in this business.

Also when you are refueling on your own don’t choose the fast mode, (there are three modes: low, medium and high). That way you will minimize the vapours because the pumps also have vapour-return system. Yeah, some of the fuel when you are fueling fast converts into vapours and these smart pumps suck it back.

And one of the most important tips is: Always refuel when your tank is half full! But why? All the petrol tanks have some air inside that occupy the empty space, so the more fuel you have the less space there is inside! That way only a small amount of your fuel will evaporate. This problem is solved in some tanks because they have floating roofs to keep the balance!

And one last tip before we end up with the article, never refuel when a petrol truck is pumping into the storage underground tanks. Thanks to the pressure you might receive some dirt through the petrol that will settle on the bottom of your tank and cause you further problems.

Now you know the truth and we would like you to tell us your opinion on this. Help us to reach as more petrol buyers as possible!

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